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A s'voreh why Shabbos is Thursday: Odom Horishon was born on Friday. If you count 6 days ye shall work, you have Fri (1), Sat (2), Sun (3), Mon (4), Tue (5), Wed (6) and ergo Thu (7th), the 7th day ye shall rest, which is according to man's count. Now of course we go by when Has-hem started to work. But the Torah says l'churoh that man shall work....

All the alphabets (from alef to sof) in 1 verse and in my parents, me and my children's name (remez to "lo yomish Torah mipicho, mipi zaracho, umipi zera zaracho). 
Shemois 16:16. Also verse begins with "Zeh dovor asher,,," (zeh dovor eish - which verse 16 in the Hungarian language is tuz (fire). "This word is fire".

Naftali Tzvi Gru(e)en. Matel, Chaim Mordechai, Shmuel, Sender Shamai, Meir Yitzchok, Avrohom Eliezer, Zisman, Osher Anshel.

Alef=Shmuel, Beis=Avrohom, Gimel=Green, Daled= Sender, Hei=Avrohom, Vov=Shmuel, Zayen=Zisman, Ches=Yitzchok, Tes=Matel, Yud=Yitzchok, Chof=Mordechai, Lamed=Naftali, Mem=Shamie, Nun=Naftali, Samech=Sender, Ayin=Eliezer, Pei=Naftali, Tzadik=Yitzchak, Kuf=Yitzchok, Reish=Asher, Shin=Asher, Tof=Naftali.

Chaim Mordechai Green (gematria Moshiach) [358] 
By using "ois Chosor" Ches = 7, Yud = 9, Yud=9, Mem=30,: Mem=30, Reish=100, Daled=3, Chof=10, Yud=9,: Gimel=2, Reish=100, Yud=9, Nun=40. 7+9+9+30+30+100+3+10+9+2+100+9+40=358.

Moti, Shloimi, Yosi, Chaya (us 4 siblings) 
Acronym for Moshiach

Noach and sons (acronym and sound-alike symbolized in our father and 3 sons)
 Naftali (Noach) 
Shem (Shloimi) 
Chom (Chaim) 
Yofes (Yosef)


Bereishis begins with an aleph Why Bereishis begins with an Alef ?: The word Bereishis is made up of Reish, Alef, Shin = Rosh. And Beis, Yud, Sof = Beis. Rosh Beis which means "ahead of the bet", which is the Aleph.

Peisach falls on Purim There is a "vertel" how can peisach fall on purim. A person named peisach fall on purim. However there is a real meaning for this saying. The Torah says that the month of Nisan must fall out on the spring month (chodesh ho'oviv). Chodesh ho'oviv means the spring month which is March 21, since the vernal equinox (the day when the length of night and day are equal) brings in the Spring. This sometimes falls out on Adar or rather Adar sometimes falls out on this Month and Nisan falls out on April???. Therefore Adar 15 Purim sometimes falls out on Pesach which is Nisan 15.

Shabbos is Thursday Adam was born on Friday. If you figure that he was supposed to work 6 days and rest on the 7th then Shabbos for him was Thursday, his 7th day.

Jewish holidays synbolized in the Torah Bereishis 14:14 has a "remez" to all the jewish holidays and in their respective order as follows: Vayishma Avram ki nishboh ochiv vayorek nes chanichov yelidei beisoy shemoinoh osor ushloish meiois vayirdoif ad don. Vayeicholok aleihem lieloh... Shevuos = vayishma (naseh venishma). Tisha Be'ov = Avram (Av for Ov and the gematria is 9 = 1+2+2+4 (mispar katan). Also Ram means raised, 9th Av will be raised to a holiday. Yom Kippur et al = Nishboh (Shuvoh days). Succoth = Vayorek (yorok is green ie schch, 4 minim). Chanukah = Chanichov =(similar word). Purim = Shemoinoh osor ushloish meiois = 318 [we add the kolel 300 and 18 as +2] 318+2 = 320 which (the gematria of Purim chosor (80+200+40 = 320). Purim (again, stressing the importance of Purim) = Vayirdoif (same oisiois if you make daled and mem (both 4) similar in mispor koton. Purim (again, important) = ad don (Yom Hadin - yoim ke'purim) Pesach = ad don. Vayeicholok aleihem lieloh... ("chatzi halieloh" is symbolic to Peisach and don/din is symbolic in donning the kitel (white robe [again ke'purim] / see above.



SUPPOSED TO BE IMPORTANT - G-d, torah, Israel, Jews, rabbis, decency.


Messianic solutions - Energy will come from space, suits will come from a fax machine, refrigerators will grow from trees.

Pressing questions - women / woman (to  פארפיר ), other man, others, g-d, g-d vs everything, everything else, self, essence of doing, human be-ing, human do-ing.

MAJOR IDEOLOGIES - Created without consent from individual, not knowing what death is as well as the earth's, we sound like earth's creator's but we're workers, users and consumers, no one can be responsible because it's shared, leadership is based on trophyism, favoritism, This is corruption, confused by religion, spirit vs power strength excess wealth, to work a lifetime w/o knowing for sure its ending is irresponsible.

mature ISSUES OF life - Money, health, religion, welfare, education, raising family, life, discipline, safety.